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It all begins with an idea. Our team at YEG Architectural will make your ideas come alive.

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Professional Architecture Services In Edmonton

Architecture is much more than planning and executing great design. YEG Architectural was founded with the vision of creating custom spaces that stand the test of time. We envision a future in which human-made environments are in tune with nature and inspired by diversity.
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Enhancing The Lives Of People And Their Communities.

Well-designed environments are functional as well as intentional. They focus on the experience of individuals moving throughout a space, and the interaction of people within a structure. At YEG Architecture, our knowledge allows us to create enriched environments that enhance the lives and social health of people and their communities.

Our Services

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Architectural Design
We offer residential, commercial, and industrial architectural design services - from single family housing units, to multi-level office buildings, healthcare and education centres, and more
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Interior Design
Our interior designers excel at creating indoor environments that promote physical and mental health and well-being. From room layouts to furnishings, we work with clients to design functional and aesthetically-pleasing spaces that take into account both present and future comfort and ergonomics.
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Home Design
As architects and interior designers, we specialize in designing homes from the ground up. We combine our professional know-how and attention to detail with the desires of our clients to create homes that reflect their style, lifestyle, and budget, as well as incorporate additional features like energy efficiency and age in place considerations.
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Site Planning
Each site presents potential, as well as a unique set of challenges. We provide comprehensive site exploration and investigation, studying the natural and manmade surroundings to create an ideal architectural solution.
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Construction Documents
For both single and multi-site construction projects, we provide comprehensive project site services that include sets of construction drawings which outline the location of buildings, roads, parking lots and other features within and surrounding a site.
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Feasibility Studies
We help determine if a project is viable by thoroughly investigating a site’s potential. We can assess a site’s constraints and opportunities, and provide multiple site configurations to ensure that the final design provides maximum value while adhering to municipal restrictions.
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Age In Place Services
Age in place architecture ensures that spaces and structures are designed and built to accommodate the changing needs of those residing within. We can help create safe, livable and lifelong homes that are suitable for anyone, regardless of age or physical ability.
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Urban Design
Urban design extends its focus beyond a single structure to design, assess and evaluate its surrounding environment. Our knowledge of urban architecture can help create and improve the flow and efficiency between groups of buildings, public spaces and other urban services and amenities.

Health And Safety

YEG Architectural ensures the health and safety of all clients, contractors and the general public through a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment Management System that integrates safety, environmental assurance, quality and risk management.

Unique Design

To be truly effective, design should be as unique as the people and communities interacting with it. It should inspire, and be inspired by, authenticity. We believe that successful design is defined by more than basic functionality, current trends or building standards. We strive to design authentic and timeliness spaces that reflect the unique needs of those using them.
…a collaborative process that has been, and continues to be, a wonderful journey of discovery.
Roger L.

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